5 Reasons For Fall Goose Control

Yes, we get it. Geese are a problem year-round. But, by using a goose repellent like Flight Control, they don’t have to be! A Fall application of Flight Control is a huge step to set yourself up for success for next year! Here are 5 reasons why doing a Fall application of Flight Control is critical for any successful goose management program.

  1. Geese Are Looking For A Place to Spend The Winter.
    And you sure don’t want that to be your property! You know how messy geese can be. Just one goose can create up to 3 pounds of droppings in one day! This is just one of the reasons you don’t want them selecting your property for their home base.
  2. Geese Move Around A Lot This Time of Year.
    Unlike during the summer months, a typical flock pf geese will visit 7-10 different feeding sites daily during this time of year. They have entered their winter routine of pond-hopping and foraging. Because they have so many ‘hot spots’ they they like to frequent, taking one off their rotation is no big deal to them. They have plenty of other places to go this time of year. If your property is treated with Flight Control – the geese will simply move on to another location to feed.
  3. Geese Are Looking for Places to Nest in The Spring.
    The number one goal of any goose management program is to prevent them from nesting in the Spring. If you are successful with that, you may have little to no goose activity the rest of the summer.  months. If you make your property inhospitable now, the more likely they are to want to avoid it when it’s time to nest in the Spring.
  4. Set Yourself Up For Goose Control Success
    Goose control is a year-round issue. A successful Flight Control program will require 6-7 annual applications. However, a successful program starts by doing a fall application and keeping them off your property for the winter months.
  5. One Application of Flight Control Works All Winter Long!
    Because Flight Control will not wash off from rain, sleet, or snow, an application on dormant grass will work all winter long until you start mowing grass again in the Spring. This application will be on your grass and preventing the geese from feeding on it for months! How about that for longevity!

Flight Control Plus is the most effective goose repellent product on the market. You will get real results – usually within the 1st day of applying! You’ve probably tried a million things to get rid of the geese on your property, without luck. Now that you’ve found Flight Control Plus, your search is over. Find out how Flight Control Plus works or find a local professional to apply it for you on our website.

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