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The Goose Repellent Solution for Canada Geese 

Take Back Your Turf!

Flight Control® Plus is an Eco-Friendly and 100% Effective Geese Repellent
Odorless  |  Waterproof  |  People & Pet Friendly  |  Long-Lasting   |   Humane   |  Persistent (works 24/7)  |  Non-Toxic

I Am A:

A small home by a canal.

Homeowner / Small Lot Owner

Are you a Homeowner with a small area to treat?
Can’t find a local applicator? You Can Do it Yourself! Our Homeowner Kit is perfect for smaller properties. We’ll show you how to buy and apply Flight Control® Plus goose repellent and get rid of your geese!


A large lawn next to a commercial building.

Commercial / Industrial Property 

We solve all kinds of goose problems? Where is yours?
Home, work, local park, shopping mall, industrial park, athletic field, golf course, or somewhere else? We will find a professional applicator in your area to help with your geese problems and take back your turf! 


Applying Flight Control Plus to a golf course

Professional Applicator

Interested in:
Offering Goose Control Services? Becoming a Geese Specialist? Getting Tips for Best Application Results? Marketing Material for your Customers? We have all the info you need & more... Start Making Money in Goose Control Today!


An organized distributor's warehouse.


Are you already a distributor of fine turf products or other chemicals?
Do you currently have customers looking to purchase goose control products? Become an Authorized Flight Control® Plus Distributor and start selling the #1 Goose Repellent Available today!


geese repellent

Why We Need Geese Repellent?

Canada Geese can cause a lot of problems if left unchecked. With more geese living in urban and suburban areas away from their natural predators, their populations are doubling every 3-5 years. Just one goose will eat up to 3 lbs of grass in one day and leave up to 2 lbs of droppings that contain dangerous bacteria and parasites. Besides destroying the turf and leaving droppings, geese can also be extremely aggressive at different parts of the year while trying to protect their young.

The best way to deter geese from staying in an area is to take away their food source. Without the ability to feed, they will leave the area in search of a better location to do what they spend most of their time doing - eating grass. Flight Control® Plus takes away their food source making it a goose deterrent that works! When geese eat grass treated with Flight Control® Plus, they experience a strong, but harmless, digestive irritation. And because of a Ultra Violet marker in the formulation, geese can see it on the grass and actually learn not to feed on treated area.

Affordable & Effective Goose Repellent

Flight Control® Plus will not wash off the turf from rain. It has no odor, and it's virtually undetectable by people. Unlike other methods of goose control, Flight Control® Plus works 24/7 at repelling geese. No need for loud noise makers, smelly chemicals, or unsightly visual deterrents. The best part - a yearly program of Flight Control® Plus is the most affordable and effective method for how to get rid of geese.

Whether you are a homeowner looking to treat a small area, a commercial or large property manager, or a professional applicator offering goose management to your clients, Flight Control® Plus is the solution to your goose problems!


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