Stopping the Spread of HPAI with Flight Control Max

Protecting Your Flock from Avian Influenza:

The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services (APHIS) has confirmed the presence of a highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in several states. Confirmed cases have been both for flocks of commercial poultry as well as backyard flocks of mixed species of birds. With the reemergence of these highly transmittable HPAI comes a renewed focus on the importance of better biosecurity practices to protect your flock of birds.

One important measure of biosecurity is keeping wild birds away from poultry house farms. Wild birds such as geese and wild ducks are believed to be one of the major factors in transmitting highly pathogenic HPAI. Limiting a flock’s exposure to these wild birds offers an additional level of protection. Even foot traffic from humans walking through fecal matter from wild birds can be enough to compromise the biosecurity.

One way to keep wild birds away from chicken dwellings and bird feed stations is the use of the repellent Flight Control® Max. Developed under partnership with the USDA, Flight Control® Max is an EPA registered product manufactured by Arkion Life Sciences. It is applied to turf and will prevent birds from becoming comfortable in treated areas and conditions them to avoid entering selected areas. Flight Control® Max is labeled for Canada Geese, however all birds react to the product when introduced to it and a tiny amount is ingested. Flight Control® Max is non-toxic, waterproof, odorless and environmentally friendly.

Flight Control® Max works in two ways. First, there is a UV Marker in Flight Control® Max which all birds can see. Areas which are sprayed with Flight Control® Max give off an unsettling and unnatural  appearance to birds. The second way it works is a strong, but harmless, post-digestive cue which birds experience after ingesting Flight Control® Max. The unnatural appearance of the ground coupled with the negative digestive cue actually teaches birds to learn to avoid treated areas. One application will last approximately 3-4 weeks.

Spraying Flight Control® Max around poultry houses, ponds, and other areas on farms that wild birds use or walk through will help mitigate your flock’s exposure to potentially infectious and contagious HPAI. Spraying Flight Control® Max on turf around ponds can create a buffer zones that geese and ducks will try to avoid. Keeping sprayed areas clear of these wild birds and their feces is a great way to prevent contamination. Flight Control® Max can be purchased through local distributors all across the country or directly from Arkion Life Sciences. The MSRP for a gallon of Flight Control® Max is $250 per gallon purchased in a 2.5 gallon jug. The mix rate is ½ gallon per acre.

The importance of biosecurity on farms is of critical importance for the health of your flock. In addition to other measures being taken to protect your birds from disease, Flight Control® Max is another great tool for your toolbelt to combat the spread of Avian Influenza.

Please feel free to Contact us with any questions or for more information about Flight Control® Max.

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