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Applicators are local lawn care, pest control, or wildlife control companies who have successfully applied Flight Control. These Professionals deal with geese by using Flight Control® Max on a customer requested basis. Applicators can be found in most areas, however, if you can not find a local applicator, please contact us. We will try to find a local company with the capability to apply Flight Control® Max.

Geese Specialists are professionals who specialize in keeping geese off their customer’s properties year round. They use Flight Control® Max as one of their main tools to keep geese away. They also provide habitat modification, hazing, egg addling, and population control and they handle permit procurement and training for these services when necessary to help you resolve your problem.

We recommend using Geese Specialists whenever possible.
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Using Goose Repellents for Goose Control Services

Geese can cause big problems. Because they spend most of their day eating grass, they can ruin your yard in no time at all. Even more, a small flock can become a big problem down the road. By nature, geese imprint their place of birth and will return to that exact place to nest and have their own goslings. For that reason, you will want to fix your goose problem before it gets out of control. Finding a local professional to apply Flight Control® Max will not only take care of your immediate goose problems, but it will also help prevent bigger problems for you in the future.

Remember, the more time a flock of geese spends in a location, the harder it is to get them to leave. You can start a successful goose repellent program any time of year. 

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