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Repel and Control Geese at Commercial and Industrial Properties

Geese are highly adaptable and can show up almost anywhere. They may seem like cute birds, but if allowed, they can completely destroy a property. One goose can deposit up to 3 pounds of feces in just one day! Their feces can contain bacteria and parasites that transmit dangerous diseases to humans. As if their mess isn’t bad enough, geese can be extremely aggressive during the nesting season while trying to protect their nests and goslings. Because just one goose will eat up to 3 lbs of grass per day, a small flock can completely destroy an entire property, eating the grass down to the roots. The unhealthy grass and root structure can lead to erosion and unwanted weeds and vegetation to prosper.

What Are Benefits of Using Flight Control® Max?

Save Time & Save Money Using Flight Control® Max

Flight Control® Max can humanely solve your goose problem. Be a hero and recommend Flight Control® Max to solve your goose problems. Take Back your Turf with Flight Control® Max!


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Turf around hospitals

Turf around retail spaces


Commercial sites

Turf area around retail stores

Turf area around restaurants

Already Have a Maintenance Crew?

If your property already has a maintenance crew that normally applies chemicals, we can teach them how to apply Flight Control® Max. If you are in need of a local applicator to help solve your goose problem, we can help locate a professional near you to help. We can help you control and repel geese at your commercial or industrial site. Contact us for more information.

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