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As the #1 selling goose repellent, Flight Control® Max offers a humane and effective solution to your Canada geese problems. With its innovative liquid spray designed for turf, it successfully encourages geese to avoid your property, ensuring a safe environment. 


What sets Flight Control® Max apart is its unique approach. By absorbing light in the UV spectrum, it provides a visual warning to geese, deterring them from feeding on the treated turf. If geese eat the grass, it causes temporary digestive irritation without harming the geese. Geese quickly learn to avoid the treated area.

Highly Effective

Flight Control® Max has a unique patent, and it’s far more effective than other forms of goose control. Geese are adaptable and resilient, making deterrents like decoys, lasers, and noise ineffective in the long run.  

Our product offers long term relief– as long as it’s on the grass, geese will avoid it. Flight Control® Max doesn’t wash away with the rain, so as long as you apply regularly, Canada geese will steer clear.


We get it: geese may be frustrating pests, but we don’t want to cause them harm. Flight Control® Max is harmless, making it a highly humane solution. The product works by conditioning the geese to associate stomach discomfort with treated grass. They’ll quickly learn that the treated turf is not a good food source and avoid the area. 


Flight Control® Max is virtually undetectable to people. It’s safe and odorless, so it won’t cause any inconvenience or concern for people in the area. Instead, they’ll enjoy treated grass that’s free of goose droppings or aggressive, noisy geese. 

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