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Apply Once and Geese are Gone with Flight Control Plus!

Flight Control Plus is a proven, effective chemical goose repellent that affects the way the bird perceives the food! It is your friend for any Canada goose problem.

No need to worry about a Canadian geese problem during the migrating season or otherwise with a goose repellent like Flight Control Plus, as it has multiple benefits:

· It keeps your property neat and clean.
· It is cost effective, saving you the costs of cleaning your property.
· It is not washed off by rain or irrigation.
· It has no unpleasant smell.
· No slips and falls due to disgusting goose poop.
· Most of all, no need to reapply it till the grass grows or is mowed.

Flight control plus is a goose deterrent with a difference. First of all, during the dormant season it only needs to be applied once on the turf as it is water and snow resistant. Secondly, it’s not made from methyl anthranilate (MA), which has an unpleasant odor.”.

It is a naturally occurring active ingredient that has a humane way to relocate Canada geese.

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