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Flight Control Max is NOT available in California, New York, or Outside of The United States

Have a geese problem in your yard and not sure where to start? You need the Stop the Drop Starter Kit from Flight Control Plus.

Geese like to take up residence in grassy areas and though your home may look like an ideal space for them, it’s less than ideal for you. Geese can be loud, but let’s be honest, their presence usually means one thing – poop. That’s right, once geese have made up residence in your lawn, it’s safe to say that your yard has become a land mine of geese droppings – making it hard to do yard work or let your pet roam free.

The benefits of the Stop the Drop Starter Kit are many:

  • A one-quart container will treat 10,000-20,000 square feet
  • Comes with a 1-gallon pressure sprayer for easy application
  • Humane and non-toxic solution for humans, pets and geese
  • No unpleasant smell once applied
  • Waterproof – won’t wash away from snow, rain or irrigation
  • 6-7 treatments for year-round control

Now’s the time to take back your yard and banish your feathered neighbors from the north. An application of Stop the Drop and your visitors stay will be over – results are usually seen in 48 hours. Purchase your Starter Kit today and rid yourself of Canadian Geese.


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