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How To Keep Geese Out Of Your Yard

How To Keep Geese Out Of Your Yard

You’ve worked hard to maintain your landscaping. Unfortunately, nature can upset even the best laid plans. Even just a small flock of geese can wreak havoc on your tidy lawn and perfect garden. If you’re wondering how to keep geese out of your yard and take back your turf, then Flight Control® can help you get rid of these nuisance geese for good.

Flight Control® is an eco-friendly, humane, and 100% effective goose repellent. Get rid of these unwanted birds once and for all.

Got Geese Problems?

Geese love spending time on nice-looking landscapes. They pick sites based on two basic factors; food and safety. The healthier the grass, they more they like it. Because almost all geese are no longer migrating, they can cause some serious stress by taking up year round residence on the property they choose. If no action is taken, the size of the flock and the problems they cause can increase very quickly.

How to Keep Geese off your LawnIf you’re wondering how to keep geese out of your yard, you have certainly come to the right place. Flight Control® is a proven, effective chemical repellent that affects the way geese actually perceive food and your entire lawn.

Benefits of Using Flight Control’s Goose Repellent Product:

  • Great-looking landscape — This goose repellent will keep your property clean, neat, and geese-free!
  • Affordable — It is cost-effective, as well, which will end up saving you a significant amount of money on labor and clean up.
  • Easy to apply — It is easy to apply and will keep working through several mowings. Plus, the repellent won’t be washed off by irrigation or rainfall.
  • Safety — Goose droppings not only look bad but can be slippery and dangerous as well. This product will keep geese and their droppings away from your property, ensuring your family’s health and safety. Additionally, the goose repellent product doesn’t have an unpleasant smell.

If you’re serious about keeping your property clean and well maintained and want to learn more about how to keep geese out of your yard, give us a call today: 1-877-55-GEESE or send us an email:

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