The Most Effective Geese Control Methods

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Humane, Eco-Friendly Geese Control Methods

Geese are a common nuisance in North America, partially because of their voracious eating habits. This is why so many of us are in search of goose control methods. An adult Canadian goose will spend up to 12 hours a day eating. To geese, our parks, lawns, scenic areas, and golf courses look like a relatively safe place to fill their bellies.

Because geese need to eat, repelling them by altering their food supply makes a lot of sense. While liquid goose repellents are becoming more popular, that’s just one way to keep pest geese off of your property. Here are the most effective geese removal and geese control methods:

Goose Feeding

You can’t control the behavior of geese, but you can control the behavior of humans — or you can try. This goose control method simply involves putting up signs that discourage park visitors from throwing food and treats to geese. While people may enjoy feeding wild geese, discouraging this behavior can be an effective way to keep geese from returning to your property year after year. More importantly, it is bad for the health of the geese. Foods that are high in carbohydrates and protein cause geese to develop a condition known as “angel wing”. It is incurable and renders them flightless and defenseless against predators. 


Birds also constantly monitor their environment for danger and unfamiliar intrusions. Our spray leaves marks that make the grass appear purple to geese. Though you won’t be able to notice the color difference, geese can. They see ultraviolet light and will notice that their feeding area looks unusual, even while flying miles above the land. Soon, the flock will learn that the purple color marks unsafe feeding grounds.


The best liquid goose repellent is eco-friendly, odorless, waterproof, long-lasting, and safe for humans and pets. Goose control spray works by making the landscape less desirable as a food source for flocks of Canada geese. Alternatively, goose control sprays send danger signals to geese, which is a humane way to relocate nuisance flocks of geese.


Many landowners go to extensive lengths to make their property less appealing to geese in the first place. Some methods include creating steep slopes on the banks of ponds or even building stone banks. Though these methods can discourage geese, they require extensive and expensive alterations to the natural environment without being 100% effective.

About Flight Control®’s Goose Repellent

Flight Control® liquid goose repellent is an effective and humane way to repel unwanted geese on nearly any property.

Our unique formula conditions geese to avoid your area by making the turf unfit for them to eat. After eating treated grass, geese experience uncomfortable, but harmless, digestive symptoms. Flight Control® is also non detrimental to the health of your landscape — it won’t leave a visible residue, won’t pollute plants or water supplies, and will have no impact on other pets or wildlife.

If you’re looking for humane, sustainable, and effective geese removal methods, consider Flight Control® liquid repellent. Other geese control methods just don’t compare. For more information, give us a call at 1-877-55-GEESE today!

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