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Flight Control® Max gets rid of geese and gives you 24/7 protection

When you own a property, whether it’s your home, a golf course, or a local park, you want your landscaping to look its best. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible if you have a goose problem.

While they may seem like good company at first, geese can overstay their welcome pretty quickly. Their feces not only look gross, but they can spread dangerous diseases to humans too. Furthermore, they can completely strip your land of its grass. All in all, geese can cause a lot of damage when they decide on a place to stay. This is why it’s important to invest in the right goose deterrent. Unlike other deterrents, Flight Control® Max gets rid of geese in a humane and environmentally-friendly manner and gives you 24/7 protection.

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How Our
Bird Repellent Works

It’s important to know that Flight Control® does not kill geese, it simply teaches them to avoid the area. After it’s applied to the turf, the geese consume it on the grass. They will then experience digestive irritation, which helps teach them not to eat in that area. Additionally, our bird repellent gel formula contains a UV marker. While invisible to humans, geese can see this UV marker and can learn to not eat the areas that are treated with it. Since they can see the difference between treated and untreated turf, they visually learn that the treated turf caused the digestive irritation and is not a good meal. This product does not cause any damage to the grass itself, it has no visible sight or odor, and it doesn’t wash off.

Our product works because it targets the basic needs of geese: food and safety. When the geese begin to realize that the grass is no longer desirable to consume, they’ll move elsewhere. This is a humane and effective way to remove geese from your property.

Flight Control® Max is the solution you need to your geese problem. Whether you’re a homeowner, property owner, or even a distributor, call us today to learn more about how we can help keep your land goose-free.

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