Liquid Goose Repellent: Smart, Simple, Humane

In North America, Geese are a common nuisance. In fact, the US Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that there are more than 8 million breeding (residential) Canadian Geese throughout the continent. When geese live too close to humans, the birds can be a nuisance and a health hazard. Fortunately, Flight Control liquid goose repellent allows homeowners and land managers to humanely ward off geese in a smart, simple, and humane way.

How Does It Work?

Other goose-repelling tactics aim to scare geese by using dogs, props, or noise machines. However, these methods can be time consuming and, often, totally ineffective. As a result, many property managers are looking for more effective solutions. To that end, our liquid goose repellent uses innovative technology that repels geese through their most basic instincts for finding food and safety.

Feed- Geese need to eat. Consuming turf treated with our liquid spray gives birds a non-threatening but uncomfortable stomach ache. Within twenty minutes, geese notice symptoms, and within a day or two they will learn that your turf is not a good food source. When they know there’s no food source to be found, they’ll move on.

Safety- Birds also constantly monitor their environment for danger and unfamiliar intrusions. Our spray leaves marks that make the grass appear purple to geese. Though you won’t be able to notice the color difference, geese can. They see ultraviolet light and will notice that their feeding area looks unusual, even while flying miles above the land. Soon, the flock will learn that the purple color marks unsafe feeding grounds.

How To Apply Our Liquid Goose Repellent:

Flight Control liquid goose repellent can be applied by professional applicators for large areas. For smaller areas you can spray the repellent yourself with a backpack or hand held sprayer. Simply mix 3 ounces of the repellent with a gallon of water and use a fine mist to cover 1,000 square feet. Allow the spray to dry before walking on the area. For best results, apply the spray on a rain and wind-free day.

Is Liquid Goose Repellent Okay To Use?

Finally, our liquid goose repellent is nontoxic for the geese, your landscape, your pets, and your visitors. Just as importantly, this goose repellent is eco-friendly. The grape-free active ingredient will not harm dogs or other wildlife, and since the chemical is insoluble in water once dried, your pond or river will not be impacted by runoff.

If you’re looking for a smart, simple, and humane way to control the geese on your property, Flight Control is the answer. For more information, give us a call at 1-877-55-GEESE today!

Liquid Goose Repellent
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