Do You Need Goose Repellent Services or Product?

Even though you may enjoy the sight of that migratory V-shape of geese up in the sky, the arrival of these birds can spell disaster for many property owners and managers. Using goose repellent products will solve your goose problems on your property. While it’s true that Canada Geese play an important role in the local ecosystem, that doesn’t mean you necessarily want them nibbling at the grass on your athletic field, golf course, local park, or shopping mall. In fact, if they’re allowed to remain there, you could have some major health and legal problems on your hands. 

For one thing, geese can be extremely aggressive. This is especially true when they’re protecting their nests or their young. If someone steps too close to a goose, that person could quickly become the victim of a terrifying goose attack. It may not sound that serious, but the reality is that goose attacks have been known to lead to broken bones and head trauma, among other injuries. In rare cases, fatalities have actually occurred. If you own or manage a commercial property, this scenario is a lawsuit waiting to happen — and a risk you can’t afford to take. For this reason alone, you should consider investing in goose repellent products for turf around your property.

Goose Repellent Products

Another major reason to consider goose repellent products is the potential health and safety risk posed by bird feces. It may not be pleasant to talk about, but it’s essential that you know what you’re up against. A lone goose can produce up to three pounds of feces in a single day. And since geese are rarely alone, this can result in a colossal mess on your property. Aside from the disgust factor, it’s important to note that goose droppings are extremely slippery. If they aren’t removed, visitors and employees could very easily become injured from a bad slip and fall. Because their feces are known to carry dangerous bacteria like E.coli and salmonella, they present a major health hazard to pets, children, and even adults.

Of course, these aren’t the only reasons to use goose repellent for turf and other outdoor spaces. If you want to preserve the look and function of your property, promote overall safety, minimize legal liability concerns, and save money and resources on your property maintenance, you’ll need to start using proven goose repellent products to ensure the geese relocate to other areas.

Have a goose problem and don’t know what to do?

We can help! Our eco-friendly goose repellent products will encourage local populations to relocate without causing any long-term harm. Because of this, you can safeguard your property while making an environmentally responsible decision. To learn more about our goose repellent products, please contact us today. View our FAQ page for more information about how it works. If you need help finding a local applicator, don’t worry. We can help find a local goose control professional to help you take back your turf!

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