Simpler, More Effective Goose Removal Without the Dogs

If you’re dealing with annoying geese on the grass surrounding your home or business, you aren’t alone. Airports, golf courses, hospitals, and other establishments have had to deal with this problem, especially when they’re located near a body of water.

This may be partly why there’s expected to be an 8% increase in pest control workers by 2026. Geese are noisy, they leave a mess wherever they go, and if they become aggressive towards a visitor, you could be in serious trouble.

If you’re on the lookout for a geese pest control service, this article is for you. Most methods for dealing with geese are complicated and often inhumane. But a somewhat recent product has hit the market that makes deterring geese a breeze.

This product is a special, non-toxic formula that you spray onto the lawn, using either a handheld sprayer or boom sprayer. The product changes the taste of the grass, making it unpleasant to geese without harming them, and it may be the single best goose deterrent product.

It doesn’t just have a one-time effect, either. Once the solution is sprayed on the grass, it causes a slight UV change to the color of the turf a color change that’s invisible to humans but perceptible to geese. After having one experience with sprayed grass, geese will recognize the same turf and stay away from then on, as long as the lawn is treated with the formula.

In other words, if you teach them, they will leave.

The formula isn’t rinsed off by rain or sprinkler systems, and it causes no harm to grass and shrubs.

This method is harmless for humans, as well. It’s even safe to use around children or pets because it contains no dangerous toxins.

Unlike more invasive methods such as addling, spraying your lawn or premises with this special solution does no harm whatsoever to geese, yet it’s as effective as any other strategy in existence.

Just by applying this product, you can avoid dealing with obnoxious geese ever again and that’s without working with dogs, invading nests, or using geese scare tactics.

The next time you need a geese pest control service to get rid of geese, look for one that uses this humane, eco-friendly solution.

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