Your Geese Control FAQ: Are The Geese On My Lawn Dangerous?

Canada geese may be majestic animals when they’re out on your local pond. But when Canada geese make their way onto your property in large numbers they can become a serious problem.

Geese can produce up to 2 pounds of feces in one day and, when there are many of them, this can wreak a lot of havoc on your lawn. But is it just geese feces you need to worry about? We’ve compiled some of your most frequently asked questions into this handy-dandy FAQ.

Why are There Geese on My Lawn in the First Place?

If you’ve never dealt with Canada geese on your property before, you might think there’s something specific about your lawn that’s attracting them. But really, all Canada geese need to be attracted to your lawn is turf grass.

Geese like to graze on grass, plants, produce, and grains. They also eat bugs and fish. They also like turf grass, which makes them a big problem for golf courses.

Will the Geese on My Lawn Attack Me?

Canada geese aren’t usually dangerous, but they can be aggressive if they feel threatened. They’re also aggressive when they’re protecting a nesting area or their goslings.

Attacks are rare, but they sometimes happen. Most likely, if a goose does attack it will give you a quick bite with its beak which can cause bruising. But they often only hiss.

That said, it’s not a good idea to provoke the Canada geese on your lawn, so don’t try to run them off. Instead, use professional geese pest control services.

How Can I Get Canada Geese Off My Lawn?

Professional geese pest control services can use a liquid goose repellent to get geese off your lawn. The liquid repellent makes the turf grass on your lawn look different to the goose’s eye and, when they eat it, the turf will give them a non-threatening, but uncomfortable stomach ache.

The geese will associate the bad taste of the grass with your yard and move on. What’s more, they won’t come back because they’ll remember your yard because the liquid repellent makes the grass appear purple to geese.

Looking for Geese Pest Control Services in Your Area?

If you’re struggling with geese and other lawn-related pests, you’re not alone. In fact, residential pest control services make up 68% of the pest control industry in the United States.

Flight Control® Max is a goose control product that professional use to keep geese off your property. Geese pest control services get rid of geese humanely with our natural goose repellent. To learn more about how to keep geese out of your yard and how our eco-friendly goose repellents work, contact Flight Control today.

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