Affordable Geese Repellent for Year Round Goose Control

Finding an effective and affordable geese repellent is critical to help solve your goose problems. Canada Geese are beautiful birds that live in large groups. However, these large flocks can also cause a lot of damage to your turf. Not only does just one goose eat up to 3 pounds of grass per day, it will also leave up to 2 pounds of droppings a day too! This is why even a small flock can do a significant amount of damage in even just a short time. So if you are wondering how to get rid of geese from your lawn, the best way to prevent the geese from feeding and pooping on your turf is to use Flight Control® Max Geese Repellent.

Flight Control® Max can keep your yard looking good, while humanely and effectively preventing the geese from feeding on your turf. Studies from Arkion® Life Sciences conducted with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) have proven that geese will refuse to eat grass treated with Flight Control® Max geese repellent. If the geese don’t spend their time eating your grass, then they won’t be spending their time dropping on it either!

Geese Repellent Goose Deterrent
Two Geese feeding on grass

The best part about using Flight Control as your goose deterrent is that it’s virtually undetectable by people and won’t interfere with their lives. There are no loud noises, no lines, no wires, no odor and no interference with your regular outdoor activities. Unlike other methods of goose control, geese will not adapt to Flight Control. Geese are smart birds that can overcome other forms of harassment when they realize they don’t pose a real threat. While other methods might work well for a few days, Flight Control can give you year-round control with just 6-7 applications. 

Why Choose Flight Control Max as Your Goose Repellent?

A year-round program of Flight Control is the most affordable of the geese repellents on the market. While other repellents have a bad odor that deter the geese, they also have a strong, foul odor that will most likely end up repelling people from your yard too! The other repellents need to be reapplied more frequently (once a week or more) and will wash away with rain or irrigation. Flight Control far out performs other Geese Repellents at a lower cost for a year round program. That’s why Flight Control® Max is the most effective and most affordable geese repellent.

If you are wondering how to get rid of geese from your property, Flight Control® Max Geese Repellent is the answer for you.

Geese Repellent Goose Deterrent How to Get Rid of Geese

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