3 Types of Damage Caused by Geese

Over the last five decades, there has been a significant rise in the number of Canada geese we see in our yards and around our businesses. They easily adapt to the new landscapes we humans are introducing, and the many ponds, golf courses, athletic fields, and more that have popped up over the years offer ideal places for them to graze.

Unfortunately, geese on your property can result in a lot of damage. Check out some of the more common issues people face when they cannot get rid of these birds. Then, count on us for bird repellent gel, liquid goose repellent, and more. When it comes to geese pest control services, we are the crew to trust.

Destroyed Landscaping

One or two of these birds are not going to do a lot of damage to your lawn, but it is rare that only a couple stick together. Usually, they come in big flocks, resting and eating in the same area. This results in a lot of problems when it comes to growing and maintaining a lush, green yard space.

A flock of geese can eat through a yard full of grass in a hurry and whatever does not get eaten will likely be trampled over countless times. In the end, a reliable bird repellent gel is much more affordable than redoing your entire lawn. Do not hesitate to invest in an effective goose repellent today.

Excessive Waste

When you have a lot of geese in one area, you are looking at a lot of feces to clean up once they are gone. Goose excrement is not good for your lawn, and it can contaminate the ground and waterways, too. Not to mention, should people become exposed, it can trigger a lot of different diseases and illnesses.

Along with this, someone is going to have to clean it up on a regular basis, which means you are either stuck paying a maintenance crew to do it or forced to handle it yourself. Neither option is that appealing, so take necessary steps to get rid of unwanted geese as soon as possible.

Personal Injury

Finally, consider the damage geese can do to those that come onto your property. Business owners with a goose problem could easily experience a decrease in sales, and they might even be held liable if someone gets attacked by a particularly angry bird on their property.

Whether it is you, your loved ones, or your customer base, keeping people safer can be as easy as purchasing some bird repellent gel or other goose repellent products. Get what you need by working with our team today. 

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