How to Humanely and Effectively Stop Geese From Ruining Your Lawn – Natural Goose Repellent

The number of Canada geese throughout North America has gone up significantly throughout the last five decades. The birds’ ability to adapt to new and modern landscape is a huge factor for the growth. In fact, the number of geese in Ohio, alone, is thought to be around 100,000 spread throughout every one of the state’s 88 counties.

It is a logical enough conclusion. Over the last 50 years or so, society has added new ponds, golf courses, sports fields, and more, all of which offer an ideal setup for the goose population. All of these areas have a nice combination of water and land, perfect for grazing and living a comfortable life.

Unfortunately for the owners of this land, geese are known for causing quite a bit of damage. Learn more about how geese could hurt your land below, then invest in our natural goose repellent to ensure they stay away for good. In no time, your lawn will be looking great again with no pesky birds in sight.

Damage Caused by Geese

So, how exactly do geese harm lawns and landscapes? Well, for one thing, their excrement takes a big toll on the health of your grass and the overall aesthetics of your yard space. Geese tend to flock together, so if you have a lot of them on your property, you are looking at a big mess to clean up every single day.

No one wants to invest the time, money, or resources necessary for constantly picking up after these creatures, so the obvious solution is to get rid of the birds, themselves.

Another big problem with geese living throughout your yard or business is the amount of grass they eat. A luscious lawn can turn into a sparse piece of earth in no time when a few geese and their buddies decide to feast.

Finally, their aggressive behavior can cause injury to those that come near them. If your business is flocked with them, customers might easily be turned away. If they have babies or eggs close by, then expect their bad attitudes to get even worse, as they are very protective by nature.

All in all, geese cause a lot headaches. That’s why investing in natural goose repellent program, or some other humane, yet effective, way to get rid of geese is a smart route to take.

Natural Goose Repellent Options for You

For those seeking solutions, we have geese control products that you can start putting to use right away. Our liquid goose repellent has worked wonders for countless people who find themselves wondering how to keep geese away.

Flight Control® Max works by conditioning the birds to stay off of your grass without hurting them or your lawn in the process. Once the product is applied to your lawn and the geese start consuming it, they quickly learn that it is not something they enjoy. Soon enough, they relocate to a new spot, leaving your property alone for good.

Ready to learn more? We are eager to help you out. Contact us today with any questions, concerns, and inquiries.

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