4 Common Lawn Pests And How To Get Rid Of Them

Spring is on the way, which means your not-so-favorite lawn pests are too. With the snow melting and sun shining, many critters and creatures are starting to make there way back to what seems to be their favorite spot: your yard.

To help you keep these pests at bay, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common lawn pests to watch out for and how you can get rid of them.

  1. Moles. Moles might look cute, but they can wreak some serious havoc on your yard. The good news is that they can be easy to spot because of their volcano-like mounds of soil and raised ridges that run through the turf. Liquid or granular formulations of castor oil are an effective method to get moles to leave your lawn.
  2. Geese. Canadian geese are easy to identify because, if they like your lawn, they’re not trying to hide anywhere. Geese can eat your grass and their droppings can damage your plants, causing unsightly bald patches throughout your yard. Goose repellent pellets and liquid goose repellent from geese pest control services can keep geese at bay.
  3. Grubs. Lawn grubs wake up during the spring and feed on your grass roots, causing bald patches throughout your lawn. The grubs eventually turn into beetles during the summer, which can damage your lawn even more by feeding on foliage and flowers. You can fight back against grubs by using granular pest control products, nematodes, or milky spore.
  4. Chinch bugs. Chinch bugs cause the most damage to grass in sunny areas. They suck the juices out of individual grass plants and inject toxins into those plants. These toxins loosen the grass from the soil. Because chinch bugs are tiny, they can be difficult to spot, but you can see them with the naked eye at grass level. They have black bodies with white wings. To get rid of chinch bugs, you can use insecticide applications or insecticidal soap.

Looking for geese pest control services?

Geese can travel up to 1,500 miles in favorable wind in just 24 hours, and with spring on the way, it’s more important than ever to treat your lawn with liquid good repellent.

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