Five Facts About Canada Geese

Yes, you’re a nature lover. And, yes, you also love your property and try to keep it in good shape. So what are you supposed to do when Canada geese are wreaking havoc with your yard? Here are five facts about these fine feathered friends, including ingenious Goose Repellents that make them move on to greener lawns when you declare: ‘Not in my backyard!’

Canada Geese Facts:

1. Canada Geese Migrate at Night
You probably already know that Canada geese honk when they are flying, and that they fly in a ‘V’ formation for more aerodynamic efficiency. But did you know that many of them also migrate at night? This has been attributed to the smoother air, and less crowded flight paths, that night flights provide.

2. Canada Geese Mate for Life
Yes, it’s true. Canada geese are monogamous. *Sigh.*

3. Canada Geese Have a Long Lifespan
The first year for a Canada goose is perilous, primarily due to predators. But if they make it through that year, they can expect a long life of approximately twenty, perhaps even up to twenty-four years. Also, there are eleven sub-species of Canada geese, making them range in size from the largest to one of the world’s smallest species.

4. Canada Geese Have Excellent Eyesight
Not only do they have great vocal strength, with ten different calls, but the eyesight of Canada geese is outstanding. This is a great advantage and very helpful to them when they are flying. Their peripheral vision (horizontal, or side-to-side) is about 180 degrees, as is their vertical (up-and-down) range.

5. Canada Geese Adapted Successfully to Our Environment
It is true, Canada geese have successfully adapted to our environment. This is particularly true in terms of adapting to the landscaping that we have done in the past 40-50 years. Areas with lakes, retention ponds, golf courses, landscaped playing fields and lawns are paradise for Canada geese. Not only has their population soared, but so has the damage that they do to grassy areas. Fortunately, Goose Repellents are available to deal with the nuisance geese. Our Goose Repellent is applied to the lawn and does not harm the geese; it is just an excellent way to get rid of geese. The geese do not like the way it tastes, and so they simply relocate to an area with more appealing grass. It is the best goose deterrents developed thus far.

Goose Repellents

If you asked a homeowner or a property manager one of their biggest pet peeves, what do you think the answer would be? Well, it would probably have to do with a flock of loud Canada geese that landed on their property and are enjoying themselves on the lawn. Their presence can damage and contaminate grass, even though they do not mean any harm. For all the graceful beauty they provide, a good solution for moving geese off your lawn is to use Goose Repellents. Flight Control® Max will help you get rid of geese on your property. This and other geese control tactics can help ensure that we all continue to coexist peacefully and enjoy the environment.

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