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Purchase Flight Control Plus

For: Professional Applicators / Large Applications

Find a Local Store that sells Flight Control® Plus or purchase from our Online Distributor.

For: Small Applications - Do it Yourself Homeowners Kit:

Perfect for homeowners and small lot owners for small applications.

Flight Control Plus is NOT available in California, New York, or Outside of The United States

  • $24.99

    This 1-Gallon Pressure Sprayer from Flight Control Plus makes applying Stop the Drop Geese Repellent an easy task. Simply combine Stop the Drop with water…

  • $115.00

    The benefits of the Stop the Drop Starter Kit are many: A one-quart container will treat 10,000-20,000 square feet Comes with a 1-gallon pressure sprayer…

  • $104.99

    Has your yard become a haven for geese? Are you sick of trying to shoo them away, only to have them return? When geese find…

  • $194.99

    Stop the Drop Geese Repellent Duo (Two 1-Quart Containers) offers all the benefits of the single container, but for larger properties, this Duo pack is…

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