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Stop the Drop Homeowner Do-It-Yourself Kit

New & Improved fan-tipped sprayer!

Effective & Humane Method for Controlling Geese


If you are a homeowner who has a small plot to spray and can't find an applicator, you can purchase a starter kit designed for you that includes a sprayer unit and a quart of Stop The Drop with Flight Control® Plus.

One quart will treat 10,000-20,000 square feet one time or 2,500-5,000 square feet four times.

Please note: Product Not Available In California, New York, or outside of the United States

Apply Once and Geese are Gone with Flight Control® Plus!

Flight Control® Plus is a proven, effective chemical goose repellent that affects the way the bird perceives the food! It is your friend for any Canada goose problem.

No need to worry about a Canadian geese problem during the migrating season or otherwise with a goose repellent like Flight Control® Plus, as it has multiple benefits:

A goose flying.

  • It keeps your property neat and clean.
  • It is cost effective, saving you the costs of cleaning your property.
  • It is not washed off by rain or irrigation.
  • It has no unpleasant smell.
  • No slips and falls due to disgusting goose poop.
  • Most of all, no need to reapply it till the grass grows or is mowed.

Flight Control® Plus is a goose deterrent with a difference. First of all, during the dormant season it only needs to be applied once on the turf as it is water and snow resistant. Secondly, it’s not made from methyl anthranilate (MA), which has an unpleasant odor.

It is a naturally occurring active ingredient that has a humane way to relocate Canada geese.

Why We Work

Why we work…

I watched five or six geese land on newly sprayed grass. Less than one minute later, they were gone. This product delivers a humane solution that keeps geese away without harming them.Anne Goldberg, Humane Society

Flight Control® Plus works in two ways

Anti-feedant (consequence): Geese experience a temporary but very effective digestive irritation, usually within 20 minutes, when they eat turf treated with Flight Control® Plus. (NOTE: Geese are not harmed with the use of Flight Control)

Visual Warning (threat): Geese have four retinal cones (unlike humans, who have three) and have the unique ability to recognize Flight Control® Plus in the ultraviolet light spectrum in addition to the visible light spectrum in which humans see. The appearance of turf treated with Flight Control® Plus is unnatural and, once conditioned to the digestive reaction, the visual signal of the treated turf provides a warning to the geese not to eat the turf. Studies have shown that birds will refuse to eat food treated with the active ingredient in Flight Control® Plus once they are conditioned.

Treated turf appears natural when viewed by humans.

Treated turf appears speckled when viewed by geese in the UV spectrum.

What will the geese do after I treat my turf with Flight Control® Plus?

  • Geese will sample the area. They may react by shaking their heads, drinking water, pecking at their bellies and rubbing their necks. (20 minutes for response time).
  • As the geese sample, the conditioning process begins.
  • They may feed several times, drinking in between, while being conditioned to respond.
  • Geese will learn that a treated area is not a good place to feed.
  • Geese have no choice but to find an alternative food source. This conditioning usually takes one to two days.
  • New droppings should decrease, and existing droppings will continue to age if allowed to remain in the drop zone turf, turning white with age.

Flight Control® Plus has a unique patent and is unlike any other Canada Goose Repellent on the market today. Flight Control® Plus DOES NOT use grape and does not have an odor. It will not wash off in rain or irrigation.



Will I need to spray my entire property?

Not necessarily. Treat only the area where the geese actively feed, known as the “Drop Zone” because it’s well marked by goose droppings. However, it’s important to treat the entire zone to keep geese off your property.

Won’t the geese just move to another part of my property if you only treat the Drop Zones?

Typically they don’t. Geese have a specific list of feeding areas. Most of the time they will relocate to their next favorite site rather than to an untested section of your property.

How often do I need to apply Stop the Drop?

During the first year of treatments, Stop the Drop with “Flight Control® Plus” should be used as a program which is defined according to your specific site needs. Once the geese are conditioned, Flight Control® Plus is applied on an “as needed” basis.

Will you have to respray every time it rains?

No. Once Flight Control® Plus drys on the turf, the active ingredient is a very fine solid particle that’s insoluble in water so particles won’t come off the grass blade when it rains or when irrigated.

How about after I cut the grass?

Flight Control® Plus will be removed as the grass blades are mowed. The length of time for effective goose control depends on how fast the grass blades grow. It will usually last about 3 mowings. Your control program could require several applications to condition the flock to stay away. Frequency of reapplication diminishes as the geese are conditioned.

Is Flight Control® Plus harmful?

No. The active ingredient has been proven to work without harm to humans, pets, wildlife, or vegetation. The geese experience a short-lived digestive irritation, convincing them to stop feeding. The product is approved by the US EPA for use on ornamental turf.

How quickly will the geese leave?

Experience shows they begin avoiding the treated area within 2 days after initial exposure. However, during nesting season you can only control where they feed until they are able to fly. Then you can take back your turf.

Is this product available in all states?

Not available in California, Canada, or New York.


Application Instructions


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