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Flight Control® Plus: Your Effective and Eco Friendly Goose Repellent

Canada Geese might play an important role in our ecosystem, but they can certainly wreak havoc on our athletic fields, our golf courses, our parks, and virtually anywhere else on a commercial or residential property. And while you’ll obviously want to avoid having geese take refuge in these spots, you’ll also need to handle this situation with grace and with ethics. Because it’s up to each of us to promote environmental responsibility, you’ll need a sustainable product that comes with proven results.

That’s where our effective goose repellent comes in. When you utilize our product, you’ll benefit from noticeable and humane geese relocation. Our eco friendly goose repellent works in two different ways:

  • It gives geese a visual warning — Because geese see the world in the ultraviolet spectrum, we’ve made sure our repellent contains UV markers. When the repellent is applied to your turf, the geese will see grass that’s purple in color and speckled in pattern. This serves as a threat to geese, and they learn to distinguish between treated and untreated turf. But to humans, the turf looks completely normal and no harm will come to the turf as a result of the formulation.
  • It causes indigestion — If the visual threat alone isn’t enough to keep geese away, the temporary after-effects will be. When a goose consumes the grass treated with our repellent, it will experience digestive irritation within 20 minutes or so. While it will bring no permanent harm to the goose whatsoever, they will refuse to eat that treated turf after they’ve experienced this stomach upset. Geese learn very quickly that it’s within their best interests to steer clear, causing them to move on to a different location.

By using our effective goose repellent, you’ll be able to rid your property of potentially dangerous animals (and their feces). This means you’ll be in a better position to protect your business from liability, reduce maintenance costs, restore visual appearance, and safeguard the health of all who work, visit, and play on your grounds.

Best of all, no one will be the wiser. Our eco friendly goose repellent will not result in death or long-term harm for these animals, meaning you can preserve both your image and the environment in which you’re located. Our product is essentially invisible, completely odorless, and consistently effective in any kind of weather. In other words, it’s unlike any other product on the market.

Ready to learn how our goose repellent can improve the look, function, and safety of your property? Check out our site to find an applicator or a store near you.

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