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Professional Applicators -
Add Goose Control Services For Your Customers

Why Offer Goose Control Services?

It’s easy to start offering Goose Control Services! There are few startup costs, with easy, straight forward steps to follow. Additionally, 
the demand for Goose Control already exists and is growing every year. In fact, many of your current customers probably already have goose problems. Goose Control can be a profitable business with high profit margins. Not to mention, the customer contract renewal rate is very high as well. 
The existing demand is large enough to achieve instant profitability as a stand alone operation or as an added service to your existing company.

The Demand for Goose Control is Increasing Every Year

The Goose population continues to grow at an alarming rate. Because geese are federally protected, there’s no sign of slowing down. As a matter of fact, people continue creating the perfect environments for geese to thrive and survive in urban and suburban areas away from their natural predators and hunters. Generally, geese are now considered a nuisance bird. They are messy, they create up to 3 lbs. of feces a day, ruin lawns, and certainly can be down right nasty while trying to protect their nest or goslings.

We Want To Help You Get Started In The Goose Management Business!

See below for application tips, spray rate info, promotional ideas & more! We will customize advertisements for your company to use. Contact us for additional information. Let us know how we can help your succeed with Goose Management!

Marketing Material

We know you're busy, that's why we want to help you with advertising your goose control services. Many of your current customers probably already have goose problems. They just need to know that you have the solution to their goose problems.

Download a Tri-Fold Brochure for Prospective Customers. Write in your Company's information or staple a business card to the back panel.

Customize a Flyer for Your Company. Simply send us your logo for your own custom version. Perfect for email blast or social media posts.

Seasonal Goose Behavioral Chart. Show Your Customers why results might vary depending on when you start your goose control program.

Create a Custom Video Advertisement

These videos are perfect to share on your website or social media feeds to let your followers know that you can help get rid of the geese on their property. All you need to do is send us your logo and we'll take care of the rest!

Flight Control®Plus Product and Spray Information

Flight Control® Plus is 100% effective at repelling geese off of unwanted areas when applied correctly and under the right circumstances. It also poses NO RISK to the environment, people, pets or other wildlife when applied as directed. Product label, SDS and Application Rates and Tips are below as well as short video tips. If you need additional information or have any questions we can help answer, let us know how we can help!

Spray Rates, Equipment & Best Practices

2019 Flight Control® Plus Product Label

Flight Control® Plus Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

List Your Company on our Website

We will add you to our website's applicator database which allows customers in your area find your company to help solve their goose problems.

Successful Applications & Growing Your Goose Control Business