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About Our Company

Flight Control® Plus is manufactured by Arkion® Life Sciences. Arkion® Life Sciences is a technology-based company that discovers, develops, manufactures and markets environmentally friendly, proprietary products and technology. We are involved in four main markets:

  • Agricultural bird repellents
  • Animal health & nutrition
  • Human health supplements
  • New biotechnology process development
Arkion Life Sciences. Tomorrow's Innovative Solutions Today.Arkion® is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of patented and highly effective bird repellent products using the naturally occurring compound Anthraquinone. Avipel® and AV-1011 are designed for protecting agricultural seeds including corn and rice as well as developing products for seedling and foliar application. Flight Control® Plus is a goose repellent to protect turf. Airepel® HC is a bird repellent for structures and buildings.

Avipel® — Bird Repellent For Corn Seed
AV-1011® — Bird Repellent For Rice Seed
Airepel® HC— Bird Repellent For Structures

To learn more about Arkion® Life Sciences and our other products, please visit our website:

Arkion® Life Sciences
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