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Flight Control® Plus is the #1 Selling Goose Repellent

Be the Hero of Your Office or Neighborhood.

If you’re wondering about how to get rid of geese on your property, then Flight Control® Plus Goose Repellent is the solution to your Canada geese problems. Flight Control® Plus is a liquid goose repellent spray for use on turf. It will humanely and effectively move geese away from your property. Use Flight Control Plus to relocate geese to feeding and nesting grounds away from areas where human/goose interaction creates hazards and causes conflicts.

How Flight Control® Plus Was Developed

Working side by side with the USDA, Arkion Life Sciences® developed Flight Control® Plus in 1997. The goal was to create a goose control product that would effectively repel geese without harming other wildlife or people. For the product to work best, it had to be odorless, waterproof, eco-friendly, long lasting, work 24/7 and be virtually undetectable by people. Flight Control® Plus will help you get rid of geese and give you real results without using noise, netting, wires, odor, or causing any interference with human or wildlife activity. Save your time, save your money, and reclaim your outdoor space with Flight Control® Plus!

What’s In Flight Control® Plus

Flight Control® Plus is an advanced and patented Goose Repellent technology. The active ingredient is an naturally occurring compound called Anthraquinone. Anthraquinone can be found in many plants, grasses and has many medical uses. Birds, however, by nature, have a negative response to the compound. Anthraqunione’s natural properties don’t agree with geese, and causes them to experience stomach discomfort when they ingest it. Because Canada Geese are one of the few birds that eat grass, Flight Control won’t bother any of your other favorite birds around your property since they find other food sources besides grass.

Flight Control® Plus Goose Repellent Works
by Taking Away a Goose’s Two Basic Needs: Food & Safety.


The Appearance of Turf Treated with Flight Control Plus Goose Repellent is Unnatural to Geese.

Once conditioned with the digestive reaction, the visual signal of the treated turf provides a warning to the geese to not eat and avoid the treated area.


Why Choose Flight Control® Plus as Your Goose Repellent?

Flight Control® Plus
has a unique patent and is unlike any other Canada Goose Repellent on the market today. Flight Control® Plus is NOT made from grapes, has NO ODOR, and will NOT wash off in rain or irrigation like other repellent sprays. Geese quickly learn that harassment techniques don’t pose an actual threat, and quickly adapt to them. Unlike decoys, lasers, or noise making devices, Flight Control® Plus will give you long term relief. As long as it is present on the grass, the geese will avoid feeding on it. See for yourself the difference between Flight Control® Plus and other repellents and goose control methods. Using Flight Control® Plus will also help you:


What Will The Geese Do After The Turf Is Treated?

  • Geese will sample the area. They may react by shaking their heads, drinking water, pecking at their bellies and rubbing their necks. (Allow up to 45 minutes for response time). As the geese sample, the conditioning process begins.
  • Geese will not die as a result of eating Flight Control® Plus. They may feed several times, drinking in between, while being conditioned to respond.
  • Geese will learn that a treated area is not a good place to feed. Geese have no choice but to find an alternative food source. This conditioning usually takes one to two days, and the entire flock will need to sample the treated turf. New droppings should decrease, and existing droppings will continue to age if allowed to remain in the “drop zone”, turning white with age.
  • Visit Our FAQ Page for more commonly asked questions. If you have your own question, please contact us for help.
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