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6 Tips to Get Rid of Geese Humanely

natural goose repellentBranta canadensis, aka the Canadian Goose, is one of the biggest of the waterfowl (Anatidae) family. They are beautiful and majestic birds. They are lovely to watch in the sky but most people would prefer they not make their yards and houses their home. There are things that can be used as natural goose repellents but there are also some things we can actively do to send them on their way without causing them any harm.

  1. Do not feed the geese. Feeding any of the animals that want to hang out in and around your house is never a good idea and this behavior is the opposite of being an effective goose repellent. There are reasons, aside from wanting them to leave, that feeding geese is a bad idea. For one, human food is not at all good for them. Also, when you give one group of geese food, others will see them eating and will try to eat at your place soon. When geese start eating the food you give them, it can be hard for them to go back to getting their own food in the wild. If you have friends or family who like to feed them on your lawn, you can put up signs reminding them not to do that.
  2. Make sure there are no food sources on your property. They love to eat human garbage but will also happily munch on the grass on your lawn. You should make sure your trash containers are hard to open or kept in your garage. Anywhere you can place it so that the geese cannot access it works. You may have luck putting in a different kind of grass if you know there are other sources of food in the area. There are goose repellent products that you can use to make your grass less appealing to the birds.
  3. Keep your grass long. This may not be an actual natural goose repellent but they do not like to hang out on long grass. Most geese prefer to stay in areas that are clear so they will not be attacked by predators who can hide in places such as areas covered with long grass. If you keep your grass at six inches long or more, the area will not appeal to geese and they will look for a food source elsewhere.
  4. If your property includes a pond, your grass needs to be even longer. For properties with a pond, the geese are less upset by six-inch grass and you need to keep yours at 20 inches long or bigger. Natural and manmade water sources attract geese naturally. Geese love them and they make it harder to make them go away.
  5. Get a dog. There are breeds of dogs who are bred to get rid of animals such as geese. If you are looking for a natural goose repellent, this makes a lot of sense. Border collies work well and can really scare geese. Geese will not see the dogs as predators, not pets, and leave your property. If you are getting a dog to help keep the geese away, you need to have a professional train the animal. This is to prevent the dog from doing anything that will harm the geese in any way. Properly trained dogs will chase the geese but not hunt them. The only time you should not have a dog scare them away is if they are nesting or raising very young birds.
  6. Put decoys around your property. This is not a permanent solution but there are geese control products that can scare them off. You can get plastic geese that look dead, fake alligator heads, and other decoys to keep geese away or frighten off the ones that are on your property. People have reported success with cutouts of images of coyotes and dogs. These are not exactly natural goose repellents but they can work in the short-term. These work best if put on something that moves them around during the day. Swivels work well.

It is hard to look up and see a flock of geese flying overhead and not be impressed. Using natural goose repellents can keep them away from your property without harming them.

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